7 Deadly Landing Page Mistakes Harming Your Web Results And How To Fix Them

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Landing page performance is the key to an essential website. A landing page can solely define the quality of a webpage, they are one of the easiest yet trickiest things that can make an impact on your page. Your landing page is the highlight of your project. It can effectively grab viewer’s attention and provide them useful information will lead to increase in the conversion rates. Basically, they can make or break your web results.

While it’s easy to create landing pages, yet they are tricky as its one element that can have the biggest impact. A single mistake can sabotage your web results and conversion rates. In the process of optimizing landing pages, many brands invest million dollars in ads and don’t get the results. Your landing page can better define whether you’re gaining a lead or losing a potential client. Unfortunately, many websites fail to optimize their pages and unintentionally drive their viewer’s away.

Pay great attention to your landing pages

If your landing page conversion rates are lower than expected then there’s some issue. A minor flaw can break the image and ruin your website visibility, stay cautious and follow the guidelines to avoid any mistakes. Discussing with your customers and prospects will help you understand better what are you missing out and what should be included in to help you design a landing page that can drive conversions. Most importantly, avoid all the dumb mistakes that can damage your web results.

Slow page loading time

All your effort and hard work will go in vain if a visitor leaves your site. If your web page fails to load within 5 to 7 seconds, there’s a high chance the visitor will get frustrated and will eventually leave the site. Any visitor coming to your website expect a fast loading page or they might end up on your competitors’ site. More than 50% of the visitors will leave the site giving a rise to the bounce rate of the website. You can avoid this mistake by:

Testing your page speed time

  • Clean up your code
  • Resize and compress image size
  • Minimize page directs
  • Upgrade your hosting
  • Use a fasting hosting provide

No call to action buttons

The call to action buttons integrated on your website to help gain the viewer’s attention and induce them to click on it. The whole point is to get a click, generate a lead, and gain conversion rates. The CTA buttons you use on your site should be appealing and should be the highlight on your website. You need to select them wisely in order to grab viewer’s attention and give them an offer they can’t refuse. Make your CTA buttons visible on your site and choose the ones that can drive higher conversion rate. You can avoid these mistakes by:

  • Using bold and bright color elements to make it look more striking
  • Should be persuasive
  • Should be placed on the front page
  • Use an action verb

Cluttered, confusing, chaotic design

A single first impression can make an impact on the viewer’s mind whether they would like to stay on the website or they would bounce off the website. It takes few seconds for a viewer to decide if they can comprehend the website design and if they want to browse through the website. A landing page should be clear, simple, and easy to use. It should let the user understand where to go and how to navigate the site. Most importantly, the navigation should be easy to keep the visitors engaged. Avoid these mistakes by doing these.

  • Make the design clean, organized, and clutter free
  • Use bold colors to give a visual hierarchy to the users
  • Include big CTA buttons
  • Simple and easy to use navigation pattern

Poor mobile experience

How can you forget to optimize mobile experience? Majority of the landing pages fail miserably as they don’t provide mobile-friendly experience. Landing pages should effectively provide mobile experience across all mobile devices. Nowadays, 70% of the research is done through mobile devices which automatically makes it important for any landing page to prioritize mobile optimization. Therefore, you can avoid this mistake by:

  • Optimize your site for all mobile devices
  • Use code which is light and mobile optimized
  • Add plenty of whitespace
  • Avoid unnecessary JavaScript
  • Use responsive web design forms that will automatically adjust to screen sizes

Targeting all buyers at once

A commonly made mistake is when you target all the buyers at once. Only the potential and related buyers according to the niche should be targeted. The better you’re able to target the specified the audience, the sooner you will gain conversion rate. No matter how good your website design is, not all the buyers will get attracted towards you, only the one that is related to your field will be interested. To avoid this mistake what you can do is:

  • Target the audience according to your niche
  • Use social media platform to gain buyers
  • Use Facebook campaigns
  • Use ad campaigns to gain visibility

Not including images

Images speak louder than verbal or written scripts. The images you use on your website can potentially grab viewer’s attention. The social media sites can’t only use images to grab attention, in fact, the images on your landing page can bring a relative influence. Therefore, don’t miss out by not including images.

  • Images act as a story teller
  • They can grab viewer’s attention
  • They can give structure to your website
  • They can drive engagement

Bad typography

Typography is that one mistake that can harm the readability of the website. It can difficult for the visitors to comprehend and read. You should be careful when you chose which font, font size, colors to use. Don’t use Caps Lock where it comes difficult for the users to read. You can avoid this by:

  • Make your text easy to read
  • Use color contrast while is appealing to the eyes
  • Use correct fonts and style
  • Don’t forget to take a run test

Concluding thoughts

All the above-mentioned mistakes are the commonly made mistakes which can be easily avoided. All you need to do is invest in your time and effort, and carefully examine what to include to make your landing pages more appealing to the visitors. With little extra effort, you can enhance the experience and avoid all the dumb mistakes you could be making. Hopefully, by avoiding these landing page mistakes you can perfect your website and make it successful.

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