What is Facebook Fan Box Widget?

What is Facebook Fan Box Widget

Fanbox is a widget for Facebook pages, which you can use on your blog and website. Your readers can see the members and Directly join your Facebook Fan pages. You can put everything about your product or service inside the widget and have it displayed on your own website. Its same as a mobile app on your iPhone or Android. When any user wants to use it they tap with their finger, your widgdet now shows what you have to offer. When they click on the specific image, this will take you to the relevant page of the offer or product.

A Facebook widget is one of the best things that you can do in social marketing. You can either add it at the beginning of your article, or at the end of it, or in a ‘flying box’ on the right hand part of your article. This way you can make it easy for people to share your content and you can also keep track of the social activities your article generated. The easiest way to increase the activity on your official page is to invite your friends to like your page. They will know you personally, so they will know you’re an amazingly innovative person who shares cool stuff – so they will like your page.

How Can we Add a Facebook Widget for Website

Lets start creating facebook fan page. Encourage your website visitors to become friends with you, or like your fan page, by adding a Facebook Badge or Fan Box to Your WordPress blog with some easy steps.

1) Get your code from Facebook:

To create a fan page, start on your profile page.  Scroll down to where the left side column ends and see a “Create a Profile Badge” link.  Then Click that link.  On the new page, you’ll see some options on the left as follows:

  • Profile Badge – This will show your photo, name, and other information from your personal profile.
  • Like Badge – This option will allow you to promote any page that you’re a fan of with a like badge.
  • Photo Badge – This will allow you to share photos from your personal profile.
  • Page Badge – This is used to promote your fan page, choose this badge and it will show your fan page title, the latest status update and number of fans.

Choose the badge that you’d like to create and follow the steps through to the end where you’ll get a snippet of code.  Copy that code.

2) Put your code in a widget on your blog.

Login to your WordPress account.  Under “Appearance” click onto the “Widgets” to go to your widgets page. Then find the “Text” widget option in the widget boxes in the middle area of the page.  Drag it into the sidebar widget column.

Now open that widget and paste your code from Facebook into the box. Then save your widget.

Go to your website and check if it’s displaying properly.  If not, double check that the code you copied is right and save again.

Ways to Add facebook to your website

If you want to integrate one social networking website into your business or personal website, the most likely choice is Facebook. With over 500 million active users, your visitors are more likely to be using Facebook than any other platform. That’s why, it almost leaves you out of the loop if you have NOT integrated Facebook into your website.

  1. Facebook Like Button:

This is the button that you see next to many blog posts, articles and web apps anywhere on the web. The tells you how many people ‘like this’ and even tells you which of your friends ‘like this’. When somebody clicks the ‘Like’ button, your website is shared on that user’s friends’ news feed.

  1. Activity Feed:

This is a great little widget that will show any user what other people are up to on your site. This is ideal for a website that has multiple articles and pages being shared every day. You can put this Activity Feed on your home page and under ‘Recent Activity’.

  1. Facepile:

Facepile is also a great widget. When it is installed, you will see a box that is full of profile pictures of the Facebook users who have liked your page. If you are logged into Facebook and one of your friends ‘likes’ that page, then they will be among the first faces you see. This is perfect for any business that is trying to establish some reputation and credibility.


The Comments Box, when installed on your site, allows users to add comments using their Facebook login credentials. This is a good way to get some conversation going on your articles or blogs because users are far more likely to have legitimate, honest conversation when their Facebook identity is tied to their comments. When the user is logged in, they will see an empty comment box above all the previous comments posted to your page by others. The user can also choose to publish the comment box to their Facebook and share it with all of their friends.

There are a number of Facebook WordPress plugins today.

It is like a Facebook share button, but what’s really cool about it is the way that it works. The plugin allow you show the Facebook users who have shared the articles on your website in footer bar called the FacesBar. Your website readers can check out those people by clicking their images in the FacesBar. It is such a cool way to let your web visitors to share article on their Facebook Walls.

Installation of the plugin is very simple. The Facebook share button is customizable and you can even upload your own button if you want to do.

Downside of Widgets:

The downside of widgets is that it does take time to plan and create the widget. This is done in flash or JavaScript. So the obstacles in it are as follows:

  • Its very time Consuming
  • Not have the Experts to Create Flash application


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